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Employees can be your best or worst online marketing tool. Set boundaries for employees by educating staff on what they can and can't do over social media when referencing your business. 

We cover the bases in a "Social Media Code of Conduct" document which includes key points such as; Defaming your business with negative comments, harassment of coworkers or customers over social media. As crazy as it may seem disgruntled or unhappy staff share the most inappropriate things while tagging your business over social media.  

The worst we have witnessed is a till operator posting pictures of cash drawers full of cash on a busy night. In another instance, that same employee posting pictures of expired product dates. While expired product is bad on it's own, imagine your customers discovering this online!

A common problem are servers posting a picture of a guest's bill, circling a bad tip, insulting the customer while tagging the restaurant.  Let's be honest here... If a tip is bad, most likely so was the guest experience. The server should evaluate their performance or food quality over reacting in a bad way. Imagine that customer coming across that on their social media feed. These bad decisions destroy any efforts made to have a professional and reputable online reputation. 

It's important to have a Cell Phone Policy integrated into your "Social Media Code of Conduct" documents in place as part of your new hire package. You will reduce these bad decisions living on forever. Make it very clear that their job comes first and social media should never interfere with job performance.  Unless they are the appointed social media person, there is never a good reason for cell phone use at the workplace.  

You cannot stop an employee from associating themselves with your business, in fact it should be encouraged and rewarded if it is done according to your guidelines, just as there should be consequences for not following the guidelines when referencing work. The company could be held liable for any repercussions employees’ content may generate.

For a small fee we can prepare a customized & branded documents for Employee's Social Media Code of Conduct and for Appointed Social Media Representatives. We will fine tune it to your food service establishment. If you think these documents are a welcomed addition to your new hire package we are happy to help.

Remember, what is written online, stays online...forever!  


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