Never Eighty-Six marketing again.

Never 86 your Marketing again

Imagine working with a company that understands what it takes to run a restaurant from an owner's perspective, grasping menus from the chef's perspective, and digital marketing from an expert's perspective.

Our Freelance "On The Fly" marketing and design services free up time to run your business.
  • Design Rates
  • $50
  • Per Hour.

    We are aligned with local printers at the best quality and rates possible. We even deliver!
  • Design Services
  • Restaurant Menu Design
    printing extra
  • In House Marketing Design
    printing extra
  • Brochure Design
    printing extra
  • Business Card Design
    printing extra
  • Advertisement Design
    files print ready
  • "On The Fly" Update Rates
  • $35
  • Per Hour. Billed min of 15 minutes.

    If we have already designed it for you, why pay design fees for updates? You shouldn't.
  • Updating Services
  • Website Updates
    content/image swapping/adding pages
  • Restaurant Menu Updates
    printing extra
  • Brochure Updates
    printing extra
  • Business Card Updates
    printing extra
  • Advertisement Updates
    files print ready




Happy Customers

"Known Liesa, business owner of Fresh Restaurant Marketing, she is my go to concept and graphics designer for my culinary and entertainment clients. She very up to date and knows her field very well. My clients have nothing, but good things to say about Liesa's designs. Not only does she understand my clients' needs, but my need as a commercial printer."

-Vince Ly


23 Salient Road
Delta, British Columbia
by appointment only
Being a virtual marketing office, we happily come to your business address or can discuss how we may help over the phone.


Monday - Friday
Monday - Friday
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Please call during office hours.
Please call during office hours.